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Juancho Crespo

I double-majored in Illustration and Communication Design between Spain & Portugal. After starting working on my own as a Graphic Designer, i jumped to the Game industry were i worked for the last 6 years as a 2D generalist and later jumped to 3D in different projects for the Entertainment industry .

I consider myself a thoughtful/creative designer and artist! Pretty much a mix between Illustration, Graphics & Type. Constantly eager to learn and look for new challenges wherever that takes me.
Love paying attention to “insignificant” details & eating knowledge but mostly bananas.



Q: How do we find out if you can design our logo/illustrate our book cover/design our CD/produce a custom lettering/draw for us?
A: Send me an email for availability.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Generally, the budget will dictate the time that can be allotted to a given project. Smaller budget projects where there is still the opportunity to produce experimental or interesting work with a high degree of independence are also considered.

Q: Designer/illustrator... How does that work?
A: Most of the material you'll see on this site is a mix of illustration, custom type, and design. For example, a book cover or game cover is provided as complete print-ready finished artwork, rather than simply an illustration or image which will require type and design to be added by someone else as an additional stage. This holistic approach to all aspects of the work is what lends it its stylistic cohesion.

Q: Do you produce illustration on its own?
A: For editorial use and other commissions where type and design are not an integral part, yes. For other uses where type or design play a role, I usually provides the whole package.

Q: Do you produce design on its own?
A: Yes. In the role of art director/designer, many of the board games and covers you can see on the site use purely typographic elements, concept or other image making techniques.

Q: Do you produce design that utilises another illustrator or photographer's work?
A: Yes. You'll see many instances on the site, especially big projects, where I work in close collaboration with another artist as a designer or art director.


Best Interior Art (Gold) in the 2018th edition of the ENnies Awards for the role-playing-game City of Mist
Best Debut VR Experience in the 2018th edition of Raindance : Production Designer for Madrid Noir
Guest speaker
on the 2018th edition of 3D Wire marketplace in Segovia with Madrid Noir
Guest speaker on the 2018th edition of Festival Alcine in Madrid with Madrid Noir


hello@juanchocapic.com · London (United Kingdom)